So you want free advertising on the Infocheese
content network?

This is more straightforward than you think, and you will
not even need to provide any details.

All you need to do is write an interesting article relating to
what you are advertising, of at least 600 words. This must
be entirely in text format, and must be written especially
for this purpose.

When the article is complete, email it to, and your article will be submitted
to our directory, at the bottom of which we will place an ad
to your site. Please don't forget to give us the web address!

Why advertise free with infocheese?
targeted traffic from people interested in what you write
- More hits and more targeted advertising than free
directory sites (which google does not like)
- Another link to your site will be placed on our link page,
with a small text ad for your site
- Ads also rotated on content network
Why are we willing to do
- The aim of infocheese is to
provide interesting and useful
content to everyone. If you
provide something interesting
and useful to read, we will
return the favour by giving you
traffic from our site
Please feel free to
contact us with any
further queries
regarding the free
programme at
NOTE: if your article is not of decent standard, it will not be published, and
neither will your ads. We try to be lenient, but no rubbish please.
Opportunities for students
Students who have websites can also participate in the scheme by submitting essays
that they conduct as part of their studies. This provides an effortless way to attract