Market Demand and Supply
The housing market in the UK is

Virtually every
individual property has unique characteristics in the marketplace
which affects potential demand and value.

The interaction between market demand and supply
The determination of price levels in local housing markets are examples of
microeconomics in action!
Each day there are literally hundreds and thousands of separate interactions between
buyers and sellers with prices being offered and agreed before a final transaction is

The price that is established with each
housing transaction in the market depends on
The price that the seller is
willing to agree for their property with the buyer
The actual price that the buyer is
willing and able to pay

Offers and reservation prices
Home-buyers place offers for a property that the seller can either accept or reject.
The seller will often have a
reservation price for a property that is a minimum
that they are prepared to accept from a potential buyer.

A Sellers Market

When market demand for properties in a locality, area or region is high and when there
is a shortage of good quality properties (i.e. supply is scarce) then the
balance of
in the market shifts towards the seller.

There is nearly always
excess demand in the market for good quality properties
because they tend to be in
short supply.

As a result, the seller can wait for offers on their property to reach (or exceed) their
minimum selling price. Indeed early potential buyers may come straight in with an offer
in excess of the asking price in order to avoid the possibility of losing the property that
they want.

A Buyers Market

When demand for housing is weak during a downturn or perhaps when much of the
available housing has become unaffordable, and when there is an excess of properties
available on the market (excess supply), the balance of power switches to potential

They have the luxury of a much wider choice of housing available and they should be
able to
negotiate a price that is lower than the published price.

Sellers may
require a quick sale and this puts extra bargaining power into the hands
of buyers.